Best of Paris Fashion Week

Manish Arora

Since I discovered Manish Arora, I instantly fell in love with the designer. The brand is a breath of fresh air in the industry, you don't see anything quite like this anywhere else. The ornamentation is his signature, and the maximalist outfits tell a story. I could stare a each piece for hours to assimilate all the details. It's like a journey you can read on a simple sweatshirt.


A lot of geometry, but also an atention for details. This woman looks tuff, but on the inside she's fragile and pure.


I'm a sucker for transparencies and black. It was really easy here. I especially adore the gows with those assymetric forms. Cool and laid back.


The styling in Balmain looks always spot on. Also, the Balmain woman can be always sexy, with class. Edgy designs 

Barbara Bui

Love the contrast between those flowy white pieces, and the heavyness of the metallic fabrics. The detailed pieces are also powerful.

Christophe Lemaire

After leaving Hèrmes, Lemaire can finally dedicate his work to his own brand, and this collection represents moving forward. Movement, lightness and an unstoppable woman.


The details, the fabrics, the styling, evertyhing is spot on. Sexy, classy and powerful.

Rick Owens

The mix of light and wightis gorgeous, and I love how the girls look like walking sculptures, thatcarry "heavy" textures, para could float in the air.

Saint Laurent

The rock 'n roll chic is always a must in the Saint Laurent essence, and this season is no exception. A mix of the glamorous 70's groupies, with the early eighties reckless punk chics. Not my favourite collection o Saint Laurent, but in my Paris Fashion Week top for sure.

Miu Miu

Altough the styling is not my favorite, I really do love some pieces here, like the long coats, and the platform heels.

Iris Van Herpen

Points for the combination of fabrics and metallic materials, and the overall structure of the outfits. Edgy and different from everything we saw this season.

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