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Paris Fashion Week S/S 2014

Ann Demeulemeester

Very trendy and urban with a twist of a gothic atmosphere. The Ann Demeulemeester is a modern witch.


I loved Balmain before, but since Olivier Rousteing  became the brand's creative director, I am in completely awe every season. Everything screams perfection to me, the fabrics, the power-shoulders, the short skirts, the sexy silhouettes. 

Elie Saab

No one makes such graceful and flattering gowns and dresses as Elie Saab does. Every girl would like to be in a Elie Saab gown for at least once in their life. This season he took to the runway two of my favourite colours, turqoise and red. 


Lanvin has became a living party with a bit of obscurity. Though the clothes have the spectacular factor, there's a mistery behind them, and that's what captivates me. Also, the silhouettes are always flattering, and empowering.

Saint Laurent

And finally, one of the brands that's making points to me on these last seasons. I can't explain how much this brand has reflected me. When I watch the shows, I see myself in every single outfit. I can relate to all the pieces and the superb styling.

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Milan Fashion Week S/S 2014

Emilio Pucci 

Love the sporty aspect of the clothes, that actually gives them a strong feeling. Also love the patterns, and all the metalics envolved.

Francesco Scognamiglio

I am able to like more feminine collections, and this one caught my eye. I will always love floral prints, and lace is one of my favourite things in the world. Elegant and fluid. Screams Spring/Summer.


One of my favourite collections of all the fashion weeks. I got that rush and that adrenaline when I watched this on real time. So rock 'n roll, so sexy and flattering. I felt that I wanted every single piece that came out. Bow down, Donatella keeps surprising me these days.


Marni is one of those brands that always takes risks. You either love it or not at all. It all looks very sporty and athletic, still very light and fluid.

Antonio Marras

Loved the metallic pieces, and the structure of the outfits.

Fausto Puglisi

For the designer this is "Carolina Herrera meets Axl Rose", and I totally get that. I can feel the delicate mix of the elegance of Ch and the dark and dirty look of Axl Rose. Love the black, the jackets, and the patterns, so summery.

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London Fashion Week S/S 2014

Antonio Berardi

A rebel turned into candy. I love the colours, a lovely pale rose with a delicious red. The oversized perfectos and swatshirts are amazing. An urban collection, yet classy and adorable.


Another urban and super edgy collection. Love the materials but it doesn't feel like a spring/summer to me. I would wear it all, thou. 


I basicly love all the pieces. I'm in deeply love with the prints, and the hairstyle is totally stunning for this. Not much a fan of the shoes, but who cares... I'm mesmerized by all the rest.

House of Holland

This has a nineties feeling to me. After reading what was the inspiration for the designer, the chola girl gangs, I prove myself right. Love everyting, the patterns, the vivid colours, the make up, the silhouettes, the hair. They look hot and young.


Preen went for minimal and geometric this season. The prints look great. I feel they could fit amazingly in graphic design posters, they are perfectly made. Love also the assimetry of the outfits. The shoes just fit with the rest perfectly.

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