Paris Fashion Week S/S 2014

Ann Demeulemeester

Very trendy and urban with a twist of a gothic atmosphere. The Ann Demeulemeester is a modern witch.


I loved Balmain before, but since Olivier Rousteing  became the brand's creative director, I am in completely awe every season. Everything screams perfection to me, the fabrics, the power-shoulders, the short skirts, the sexy silhouettes. 

Elie Saab

No one makes such graceful and flattering gowns and dresses as Elie Saab does. Every girl would like to be in a Elie Saab gown for at least once in their life. This season he took to the runway two of my favourite colours, turqoise and red. 


Lanvin has became a living party with a bit of obscurity. Though the clothes have the spectacular factor, there's a mistery behind them, and that's what captivates me. Also, the silhouettes are always flattering, and empowering.

Saint Laurent

And finally, one of the brands that's making points to me on these last seasons. I can't explain how much this brand has reflected me. When I watch the shows, I see myself in every single outfit. I can relate to all the pieces and the superb styling.


  1. Acabo de conhecer o le cafe au lait! E fique encantada! É obvio: tornei-me na sua mais recente (e fiel) seguidora. Aguardo ansiosamente por mais novidades!

    Um beijinho, Sara ♥


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